Our Story

A message from Chelsea Kunhardt - Founder of Alkaline

Alkaline, founded in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is a home decor brand that epitomizes the fusion of functionality and style under the creative direction of Chelsea Kunhardt. Born from a humble beginning in a laundry room, Alkaline initially focused on crafting handmade soaps, but a pivotal shift occurred when Chelsea introduced a handmade soap dish, steering the brand toward specializing in homeware products.

Inspired by the simplicity and symmetry of geometric patterns, Chelsea utilizes eco-friendly and non-toxic materials in every creation, ensuring that each item is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. Her commitment to high-quality, handmade craftsmanship and a sustainable ethos transforms ordinary spaces into stunning showcases of design.

Operating from a dedicated workshop in the KZN Midlands, South Africa Alkaline has evolved from a solo endeavor into a team of five, each contributing to the brand's growth and upholding its core values. 

With a dynamic palette of colors and textures, and an ever-evolving exploration of new materials and techniques, Alkaline offers unique décor solutions that promise to elevate the essence of any home. We are immensely grateful for the community’s support as Alkaline transitions from a passion project into a community-embraced brand, eager to explore new horizons while staying true to the ethos that sparked this remarkable journey.